About Toresco


Based in Summit, New Jersey, The Toresco Company is a privately held investment firm with a focus on real estate. Founded in 2013 by Dominick J Toresco as a platform to transition a family automobile business into real estate.

To date, Toresco has constructed and renovated single-family homes, developed luxury condominiums, and compiled a medium sized commercial real estate portfolio.

Toresco Holdings

Toresco Holdings is a real estate holding company focused on acquiring, operating, and developing real estate in the tri-state area.

Toresco Ventures

Toresco Ventures represents the partnership vehicle in which Toresco invests alongside other established real estate families and developers.

Toresco Management

Toresco Management is responsible for servicing its real estate portfolio. Toresco prides itself on providing a high level of service to all of its tenants. If you are a tenant of a Toresco property please click the logo below.

Executive Team

Dominick J Toresco

Principal and Founder, The Toresco Company

Dominick J Toresco is the founder and principal owner of The Toresco Company. To date, he has authorized more than $50 million in real estate transactions.

Before Dominick discovered his niche on the sell side of the automobile business he spent years gathering experience working in different departments. From summer car-washing, the service department, sales, as well as being a General Manager, Dom has retained the skills to oversee this transition.

John F Amorosa

CEO & Managing Member, The Toresco Company

John Amorosa is the CEO of Toresco and responsible for all aspects of the business. John also overseas the management company, Toresco Management, which services all residential and commercial tenants.

John is a former veteran of the wealth management industry where he provided financial advisory services to small to mid-size businesses for the likes of Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

In 2013 he received his MBA from Fordham University in New York and is an undergraduate of the University of Massachusetts.

Tracey Stefano

Executive Assistant, Toresco Holdings

Ms. Stefano has been in an executive assistant role with the Toresco family for over 25 years. She began her tenure in the 1990's working directly for the late President & Chairman of Toresco Enterprises, Donald M Toresco.

Since his passing in 2011, Tracey has been instrumental in assisting with the administration of the Toresco estate as well as the launch of Toresco Holdings.

Tracey is also a proud mother of two daughters.

Investment Partners


The story behind Toresco in the United States is a classic American tale. It is the story of hard work, family values, and a fair deal for all customers. This formula has served Toresco well and is carried forward into the next chapter of the Toresco name.

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